Anatomy Of A Ball

The Corcoran Ball is the largest annual fundraising event benefiting the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Being an annual event, as well as the premier event of the spring social season, every year demands new and unique design ideas. Everyone at Plants Alive! combines their respective talents to produce one of our most spectacular Special Events of the year. Here's our "Anatomy Of A Ball" slide show. We hope you come away with a few ideas for your own event.

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We used a wide variety of plants and artificial materials to create the arrangements you see in these Corcoran Ball photos. Our list includes:

Tropical plants
25 - 15' Black Olive trees
75 - 6' Areca palms
15 - 8' Areca palms
24 - 15' Coco palms
75 - Tropical foliage plants (including Spathiphyllum and Dracaena)
150 - Large ferns
125 - 6' Ficus trees

Exterior plants
30 - 6' to 7’ Leyland cypress
25 - Azalea shrubs
55 - Holly shrubs
35 - Juniper
36 - 5' Topiary evergreens (two balled spirals)
6 - 5' Red maples

Artificial material
72 - 3’ Boxwood hedges
200 - Rhododendron branches

Decorative planters
Many, many Poly Granite planters


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