Victory Christian Ministries Fundraiser

For the VCMI fundraiser, we were asked to do a design that resembled a rain forest and to also help with dressing up the Sanctuary.  They wanted the Sanctuary to look very clean and modern while they needed more of an messy edgy look for the Rain Forest.

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For the Rain Forest, we brought in a variety of fun foliage which included Ficus Trees, Areca Palms, Crotons, Date Palms, Bromeliads, huge Boston Ferns and a other items.  We designed our plants around two small ponds and a beautiful Peacock. 

To help enhance the Sanctuary, we dressed the podium with a Peace Lily, Boston Ferns, and a few Bromeliads.  We also put our Boston Ferns on each side of each step leading up to the stage floor.  They have a gorgeous facility there and our plants just helped to make it even more beautiful.


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